March 4, 2016

An Open Letter to the Florida State Senate

Dear Florida State Senate,

Today, you failed my child, and the more than one million students who attend Florida's public elementary schools.

Today, you chose doing what was comfortable over doing what is right.

Today, you played political games instead of representing your constituents.

Today, you demonstrated power and personal interest are more important to you than the Will of the People.

Today, you used our children as pawns to further your own agendas.

Today, you glibly joked about needing to take a recess after callously denying our children their right to have it.

Today, you proved common sense and decency truly are dead in politics.

Tomorrow, you will have excuses.

Tomorrow, you will argue semantics.

Tomorrow, you will backtrack and try to pretend you didn't just screw over our kids.

But tomorrow, Senators, and the next day, and the next, we will remember today and show you how we feel with our votes.

Tomorrow, we will mobilize around a new cause; work to spread a different message.

Tomorrow, we will study this list carefully and prepare to, as they say, "clean house."

Because the Capitol IS our house. And clearly we need to find better people to represent us in it.

A Florida parent and registered voter

Note: This letter was republished with permission by The Washington Post.
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