November 5, 2015

Adventures In Editing - Among The Flowers

The golden rain trees in our area are blooming. They have these lovely pink-peach buds on them, and I've been eager to get some photos. One day after school last week, I pulled over to the side of the road after picking my daughter up from school, and we had a quick shoot.

It was HOT and very bright out, so I took her to a shady spot. I actually ended up holding a branch down to her level with one hand while I photographed. I liked how it framed her face. In just a few minutes, I captured some great shots. Here is how I edited my favorite...

Click on image to see larger

Taken w/my Canon 70D and 50mm 1.4 lens. Settings: ISO 200, f2.2, 1/320 sec. As a reminder, the left image is straight out of camera; the right is the edited version.

The first thing I did with this file after importing to Lightroom was apply a preset called, "Milk and Honey." It is from the Pretty Presets Summer Limited Edition 2015 collection. I love the dreamlike quality this preset gives images, and how it smooths skin.

As with all my RAW files, I adjusted the sharpness and luminance smoothing. I then changed the white balance to Daylight, as it gave the colors a warmer feel (I almost always shoot in auto WB, except under special conditions).

I had wanted her to change to a different shirt, but she refused. I brought down the highlights in that bottom right corner, and applied a vignette so her clothing would not be distracting. I did some slight cloning in the upper right corner for the same reason, as part of her blue bow was showing.

The resulting image is one I am planning to print large and hang on the wall, because I love it.

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