June 12, 2015

Beat Summer Boredom with the #PerfectPlaydate from Avery & Austin!

It is officially summer here in Florida! We're just a few days in and I've already heard the dreaded, "I'm bored." Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with boredom. I believe it can be good for a child.

However, too much of anything is not good. We're aiming for a balance of structured activities and free time for summer this year.

My child is keen to line up playdates with her friends, especially now that school is out and she's not seeing them regularly.

So when I was offered the opportunity to check out Avery and Austin, I jumped at it. It's a monthly subscription service that sends out a box each month will all the materials for a fun play date. There are two of everything, including a snack, and a special treat for mom.

We were really excited when our box arrived.

Everything looked awesome. The theme was Rock Your Garden. There were materials for two children to participate in two crafts: painting garden rocks and planting carrot seeds. There were even snacks. A favorite - Go Go SqueeZ packs.

I will admit I panicked a little at first when I saw the packages. My daughter is allergic to strawberries and some varieties of Go Go SqueeZ include them. I was relieved to discover we had received the apple-mango flavor. Which she loved. (But I would recommend the company take food allergies into consideration when selecting snacks if it hasn't already.)

For me? There was a LuBoo lip balm and a Handmade La Conner Rejuvinate mud mask. The kids would get to play with mud, and I could slather some on my face. The good kind. What's not to love about that?

And then life happened. My husband and I had to deal with aging parent issues that took most of our time. Then we spent pretty much the entire spring with at least one person in this household being sick. Stomach bug, cold with ear and sinus infections, another stomach bug...

The box sat on the dining room table for far too long.

We never got to try it out with friends. My daughter was too impatient. After having to cancel three scheduled play dates when we had planned to do the crafts, she finally wore me down and I let her paint the rocks by herself.

Well that's not true; I painted some as well. It was a mother-daughter play date, if you will. After painting a tiger rock (her favorite animal), she built a house for it and multiple accessories. It is currently living better than any of our very pampered real pets.

And she loved planting the seeds. Feeling badly about not including friends, she gave them away for them to transfer to their home gardens. True, she's not a carrot fan. But she did feel badly that she didn't get to share the box with her buddies.

The Avery and Austin #PerfectPlaydate boxes are designed for kids 4-10 and are just $29 a month. When you subscribe to the company's email list, you'll receive $10 off!

The June box looks awesome! Give Avery and Austin a try this summer. Your child(ren), and your sanity, will thank you!

Disclosure: I received a copy of the box in exchange for this review. However, all opinions expressed are my own. See full disclosure statement here.

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