May 4, 2015

And then I was a published.... photographer! #YourShotBook

Tomorrow is a pretty big day for me. It is the day I officially become a published photographer. The new National Geographic book Getting Your Shot: Stunning Photos, How-to Tips, and Endless Inspiration From the Pros releases and includes an image from yours truly.

That's right. I am being published by National-FREAKING-Geographic! Who would have thought?

I received an advanced copy a few weeks ago, and I have to say it is gorgeous!

The book is full of incredible images. Each comes with a story or tips from National Geographic photographers about how to get your own great shots. There is a lot of really fabulous information - and inspiration - in this book. For every level of photographer.

I would want a copy even if I wasn't published in it. Some of the information is very basic - the book lays out the different types of cameras available, explains what lenses and gear to use and when, and looks at the fundamentals of photography.

But it also goes in depth about the art of photography. And celebrates this unique and powerful form of expression in a beautiful way. The images included come from photographers across the globe, all of whom are part of the amazing Your Shot Community.

When hubby flipped through the book to find my image, he excitedly exclaimed, "Whoa! You got full page treatment!!!"

Why, yes. Yes I did. That came as a surprise, because the image was shot using my iPhone. It in no way compares to the quality of the photographs I capture with my DSLR. I figured it would need to be small in print.

There was some pre-press magic involved, and the result is truly stunning. The magical bond my daughter and father shared has been immortalized. And my passion for photography continues to grow stronger each day. This book something I am so proud and honored to be part of.

Oh, and I have to say, The String Bean thinks it is the Coolest. Thing. Ever. that she appears in a National Geographic book. She loves National Geographic. My six year old would rather watch a NatGeo documentary on animals than just about anything else. Her room is full of National Geographic kids books, and she receives the kids' magazine in the mail. Her day was made when she saw this.

You can grab your copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or directly from National Geographic. There is also a really cool giveaway going on. You could win a five day photo workshop and more! Enter here!

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