February 17, 2015

Wild Kratts Live! Delivers The Fun Directly To Fans - A Review

It had been on our calendar for months. Wild Kratts Live! was coming to our city and we were going to be there! If you've been hanging around this space for any length of time, you know the Ross family loves the Kratt brothers.

It's been two years since we had the opportunity to meet them in Orlando. This time around, they were bringing their brand new stage show to our hometown. We didn't know exactly what to expect, but we knew it would be good.

We were not disappointed.

The new live show is essentially an interactive episode of the television version. The brothers activate creature powers, get into mischief, and even fight the bad guys. Well, one of them. All with the help of the audience.

To view the full gallery of my photos from the show, click here.

Above all, Chris and Martin entertain. They are such great performers live. Engaging, energetic, funny and - as they truly demonstrate with this show - agile!

SB is the target audience for the show, and it was a huge hit with her. Hubby thought the transitions could have been a little smoother, and I felt the intermission was unnecessary from an audience perspective (although I'm sure Chris, Martin and their stage crew needed the break). But overall, it got two very enthusiastic thumbs up from us all.

Of course, the best part of the day for SB was getting to see Chris and Martin one-on-one. As we waited in line during the meet and greet, she thought carefully about what she wanted to say to each of them.

The first time we met them, she was quite overwhelmed by the experience. This year she declared she was not going to be shy.

(She refused to let go of that photo with their autographs - one thing we did not get last time around - until she went to bed that night. And she said, "goodnight" to them before doing so. I have promised we will frame it to hang on her wall.)

As we stepped out into the daylight I looked at the time, and realized the brothers had less than 30 minutes until their next show would begin. Chris and Martin never cease to amaze me. In addition to performing back-to-back shows in cities across North America, they take the time to connect with their fans.

They are so gracious with the kids and families who come to see them, working to make the experience personal, special and memorable. And each took a few moments to answer a question from me.

Then my phone wouldn't play back the audio recordings and I cried. True story. But hubby saved the day and was able to retrieve the files. You can find out what they had to say over at Mom.me.

Disclosure: I received tickets for Wild Kratts Live! in exchange for this review. However, all opinions expressed are my own. See full disclosure statement here.
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