January 12, 2015

How To Host A Big Hero 6 Birthday Party

After we saw the movie Big Hero 6 a while back, SB stood up from her seat at the movie theater and declared, "THAT was better than Frozen!" To which my husband and I both replied in unison, "Whoa!"

We asked her why she liked it so much, and her response was, "Because girl super heroes are WAY cooler than princesses."

I agree.

When it came time to plan her 6th birthday party, and SB declared she wanted to hold it at the karate studio she attends weekly, I thought a Big Hero 6 theme would fit perfectly. If you've seen the movie, you will understand why.

She was thrilled!

We got her a Big Hero 6 t-shirt she really wanted for her birthday (with her favorite girl super heroes on it)...

Then I discovered there isn't much merchandise out there designed for parties. Thank goodness for Etsy and the creative people there! And, I had a little creativity up my sleeve as well.

My wonderful friend who bakes amazing treats took a photo I found and made these awesome Baymax cupcakes:

Using a design I purchased and downloaded from Etsy, I printed labels and affixed them to white gift bags and balloons:

I found a few Big Hero 6 themed items I could use in the gift bags, then some others that were not branded but fit very well. Like the color your own super hero mask. The kids LOVED those! And I thought the super hero lollipops were adorable...

While the planning of this particular party left me wondering if I ever want to host one again, SB and her friends had a blast. Every single photo I took from the party shows pure joy on the part of the kids. There were many smiles and a lot of laughs. Especially from my child. And that is what it is all about.

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