November 13, 2014

Wanted: My Sanity. If Found, Please Return To Owner.

Where the heck have I been? Well for starters, dealing with lots of sickness. I thought we earned our immunity badges when SB first began preschool, but Kindergarten is in a whole 'nother league. Holy germs, Batman! My child has experienced ailments over the past month I wasn't even aware of.

At the moment, SB has conjunctivitis, tonsillitis and an ear infection (I'm familiar with those). A lovely trifecta. After having two days off school for the Veteran's Day holiday, she had to stay home yesterday because she had not been on the eye drops for 24 hours.

By 10AM she had completed her homework packet for the month of November and was kicking some serious tangram a**:

Funny, I remember spending my sick days on the couch in front of the TV.

I have had very little sleep in the past two weeks, and even less time to write. But you can find some new posts here:

I wrote that last piece for Epilepsy Awareness Month. Speaking of which, as nervous as I am to write this, next month will mark ONE YEAR since SB's last seizure. Which would be huge. We are cautiously optimistic and thinking of fun ways to mark the milestone.

I had a trip to the ER on Friday. In the process of attempting to help out an elderly neighbor, a large tree limb fell on my wrist. It was not broken, thankfully. But I do have a nice gash, which became infected and I basically could not use my right arm. I'll spare you photos of that. (Side note: I'm right handed.)

Let's see, anything else? Oh, yeah. Because I have apparently completely lost my mind, we adopted another cat. Hubby and our dog fell in love with a little feral kitten living in a neighbor's yard. Long story short, Noodles (aka NuNu and Love Bug) is now part of our family:

She is very sweet and has made herself right at home. Our other cats formed the Aggrieved Cats Club and tried to protest, but she would have none of it. We've reached a place of peaceful coexistence, where they can all at least be in the same room together without hissing and growling.

Last but certainly not least, as we approach the first holiday season without my dad, I'm feeling more anxious than excited. Having a five year-old helps with that. Her excitement is contagious, and helps remind me of why I have always loved this time of year.

But I'm definitely going to need my sanity in order to get through the rest of this year. So if you find it, do me a solid and send it my way.

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