October 8, 2014

Ross Girls To The Rescue!

You may recall the story of the crows that killed an owl in our yard earlier this year. I have in fact been writing about owls quite a bit of late. In case you need to get caught up:

We have delighted in their presence over the past several months. Sightings have become rare, but we hear them daily and know they are there.

One of the owls roosts just off our deck during the day. Every evening as it begins to call for its mate, I step out on the deck to listen. It sounds close enough to reach out and touch. But I rarely see it unless it takes flight. It stays down low, where the foliage is thick. And remains hidden by day.


Yesterday as I was preparing to take SB to school, I heard a murder of crows in our back yard making a commotion. I knew immediately they had found the owl. I ran around the house to where the noise was coming from and sure enough, the owl was exposed in the daylight.

Up high in a tree, it was surrounded by crows. They were everywhere, mobbing it. The owl appeared to be very flustered and had no escape route. SB and I sprung into action. No way were we about to allow a repeat. We grabbed pots and pans and wooden spoons and ran back outside.

We furiously banged on the pots, making a ruckus of our own. And it worked. The crows scattered. When we stopped, they tried to come back. So we kept it up until they were nowhere to be seen.

The owl, strangely enough, did not fly away at the noise. It sat and watched us with great curiosity. And hung out long enough for me to snap a few pics before it flew off to find a safe spot for the day:

I took SB to school and returned home. The woods were silent all day. No more crows. In the evening, our buddy began to hoot. Ross girls 1 - Crows 0. For now. We'll be keeping our eyes and ears open. We've got you covered, little guy.

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