August 22, 2014

Back to school with love

Today, SB will complete her first week of Kindergarten. It's been a good one. She loves her school, her teacher, and has made friends easily.

The new school year has meant some new routines for our family, but so far we have adjusted well.

For the second year we will be using Lunchbox Love® cards. But this time around, we're doing things a little differently. Each night, I select and place a new card at my daughter's setting at the kitchen table. When she comes downstairs for breakfast in the morning, it is waiting for her.

By Wednesday, she was running to the table to see her card.

I'm using the Lunchbox Love® cards this way because:

  • Starts the day off on a positive note - In the weeks leading up to school, my daughter was negative about starting Kindergarten. She had a very poor attitude, and we weren't sure why. I decided to use the cards in the morning as a way to begin our day with a positive message, and maybe a laugh (she loves the jokes). Fortunately, her mood turned around as soon as we attended orientation and she saw her classroom. But I still like starting the day off with some special love.
  • She is learning to read - SB is doing very well with reading, at a very basic level. She is after all just five years old. We read the Lunchbox Love® cards together in the morning as a way to help her learn. She can figure some of it out herself, but not all. I imagine if I put a card in her lunch box, she'd likely give up and set it aside. This way, I know the message has been received.
  • Lunch time is crunch time - Last year in VPK, SB would come home every day with her lunchbox almost full. If she'd eaten anything it all, it was only a few bites. When I'd ask her what she had done during lunch time, she would admit she had spent it chatting with her friends. Of course, she'd be hungry and incredibly grumpy and need food the moment we got home. I did not want this to continue in the new school year. Especially since the day is longer, more is expected of her, and this is her first time eating in a cafeteria. She doesn't need any more distractions at lunch time right now. 

So this new system has been working well for us as SB has headed back to school. The only issue we've run into is that she wants ALL the cards to include a fact or a joke related to animals. She's not interested in anything else.

The girl is all about animals. So maybe Say Please can hook me up with some special animal-themed sets!

SB's school allows parents to join their kids in the cafeteria for lunch. I plan to take full advantage of that this year, since she is still young enough to think it is cool. I went yesterday and SB declared: "Mommy, this is so awesome. We're going to do this once a week. On Mondays. Monday will be our special day."

And on those occasions, I may bring a Lunchbox Love® card along with me. I just wish they didn't eat lunch at 10:50AM...

Disclaimer: As a member of the Lunchbox Love® Mom Panel, I am compensated for promoting the company in a variety of ways, including writing sponsored posts like this one. As always, all opinions expressed are my own. Read my full disclosure policy here.

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