July 3, 2014

Transformation - Our New Summer Space!

We don't have a back yard. We have a lovely deck attached to our house. It backs up to woods so thick in summer we have complete privacy. When hubby asked what I wanted for Mother's Day a while back, I told him I wanted to make the deck usable.

You see, what we had on there until recently was:
  • A hot tub we have not been in since... well, I can't remember the last time we used it. It was functional, but needed some cosmetic repairs and a new cover. Hubby bought it in 2005. We decided we no longer want it, and offered it free to anyone who could figure out how to safely get it off the deck. It's history!
  • A old, rusty table and chairs set with a moldy umbrella. Hubby bought the set cheap before we were married. It was so nasty it was unusable. A junk company came and hauled it away.
  • A play set we got for SB several years ago. It is in great shape, and she has loved it, but she's just too big for it now. It sat unused. We sold it.
We were rarely ever out there, and it seemed a shame. Here is how it looked in 2007 (sans the umbrella and play set - given that SB wasn't even conceived yet):

Once we emptied the deck off and had it pressure washed, I had an empty slate to work with:

And I had a plan!

We bought new furniture and an 8' inflatable pool with a filter. Normally, you would not put a pool on a deck. But when hubby and his friends built it, one being a structural engineer, they reinforced the heck out of one corner so it could hold the hot tub. Which weighed several thousand pounds when filled with water.

We calculated how much weight the deck could safely hold, then chose a pool accordingly. It is great for SB and her friends. We can even get in there to cool off if we want. And now, our deck can play host to hours of summertime fun!

There is a new seating area by the pool. Adults can sit, enjoy a cool beverage and supervise the young ones. Or the kids can sit and enjoy a popsicle:

And, we have an awesome new dining set:

It is a major improvement. We'll be eating outside tomorrow to celebrate my mom's birthday and the 4th. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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