June 13, 2014

A magical moment with manatees

I seriously love living in Florida. Yes, it's hot right now. And humid. Yes, my legs are covered in a whole new batch of yellow fly bites (friggin' spawn of Satan!). But last night, after dinner at a local restaurant, we were treated to this, and it was magical:

I love SB's commentary about the manatee farting. (And it totally did, big time.) Such a kid thing to focus on. Hubby made his own video, using a special song since SB dubbed it, "the best day of my life:"


He has been on vacation this week, and we decided to take the opportunity to head to a fun restaurant "out in the sticks" known for its low country boil (YUM!). The restaurant is located on a creek that feeds into the St. John's River. After dinner, SB and I walked out on the long floating dock.

We were looking for gators. But I knew from friends that manatees could sometimes be spotted. I saw bubbles in the water and was hopeful. Suddenly, we found ourselves surrounded by a herd of about seven. Including a baby. The mom kept it in the middle of the creek, away from us. But it was very playful, and had to come up for air more often, so we got to see plenty of it.

It was SB's first time seeing manatees in the wild. She declared it the best day of her life.

There were a couple of manatees off to the right in that thick vegetation (seen in the photo). The only part of them we could see was their mouths as they ate. They did not show up well on video, and of course I did not have the good camera with me. But it was fun to see their funny looking mouths. SB declared that side of the dock the, "Manatee Cafe."

She and I sat and watched, and I texted hubby (who was paying the bill) to let him know what was going on. He soon joined us, and the three of us delighted in watching the group. We could have stayed all night, but it was getting late, so we reluctantly said goodbye.

So. Cool.

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