May 21, 2014

This is a drama-free zone

I have seriously had enough drama in my life of late. I mean, with everything we went through with Dad over the last 18 months, I could really use some stress-free time.

Our little cat Amber had other ideas:

We got Amber as a tiny kitten after our cat R.T. was hit by a car. She bonded with me immediately. So much so, hubby jokingly called her my, "new baby." The cat loves me. And I am crazy about her.

Due the way R.T. died, and because there are so many dangers lurking in the woods behind our house, we decided Amber, and later Evelyn, would be indoor-only cats. We do have a mesh cat tent, and let them enjoy some time on our deck in it, safely.

Beyond that, Amber had never ventured outside.

Amber is a tiny thing. Very timid. Whenever someone visits, she darts under our bed or SB's, not to be seen again until the person or people are gone (although lately she had begun to sneak looks at the strangers from around a corner).

So hubby was very surprised when the other night, as he returned with our dog Shaggy from their before bed walk, Amber darted out the front door. He was frantic, coming and getting me out of bed. We grabbed treats and flashlights and combed our yard and the surrounding ones in the dark, to no avail.

To say I was frantic would not even begin to cover it. I didn't think she would survive the night out there. I've never had a pet go missing before, either. It was such a helpless feeling. When did not come home the following morning, I made posters for street signs and flyers for mailboxes. Spent hours searching for her. Got a humane trap and set it near where hubby last saw her, in our neighbor's driveway under their truck.

We left the garage door cracked open around the clock so she would have a way in. And thankfully, that is where we found her yesterday morning. SB woke early and came running downstairs, wanting to go out and check the trap. And suddenly I heard Amber meowing from the garage.

We were so relieved. She seemed to be just fine. Was very thirsty, and spent the next 24 hours like this:

The cat came back. But not the very next day. Now, that'll be quite enough drama for me, thankyouverymuch. I'd like to have some quiet, uneventful, downright boring time for a change. M'kay?

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