April 16, 2014

Boneyard Beach

So as I mentioned on Monday, I set off on a special adventure last week. The goal, do something for me. And also flex my creative muscles. 

The location was a place known as "Boneyard Beach." It is part of a Florida state park in the far Northeast corner of the state. The name comes from the hundreds of dead trees that have fallen on the beach as it has eroded over the years.

The sun, sand and water have left the trees looking very much like skeletons. It is a photographer's dream, a very popular and beloved spot.

I had to schedule my time around SB's being at school. The lighting was not ideal; it was the middle of the day. But the tide was low and the weather was gorgeous.

I didn't even care if I got any decent shots. I was just going to play around and enjoy myself. And I did. But, I think I also got some pretty good photos.  In addition to the traditional shots of this beach, I tried to look beyond the obvious and focus on things many people might not notice.

I had a blast, and can't wait to get out with the camera again soon!

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