April 10, 2014

A close encounter

Remember the owls I wrote about the other day? Well, last night at dusk as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I heard them. So I went out on the deck. Was absolutely amazed to watch them both fly toward me, over to some trees directly behind our house.

I quietly opened the door and asked hubby for his camera. We don't have the equipment for true wildlife photography, but he put his longest lens on and handed it out to me. The light was fading fast; I was happy I managed to get these shots:

The one in the top photo was wary. It landed on a tree farther away, and flew back to our neighbors' yard as I tried to get in closer. The one on the bottom sized me up and stayed put. Did not seem the least bit bothered by my presence as I slowly worked to get all the way to the edge of the woods for a better angle. 

These two have been spending all of their time either behind our neighbors' house or behind ours. That seems to be as far as they are ranging right now. And we are greatly enjoying our close encounters with these gorgeous creatures.

From now on, I will be keeping my ears open, my eyes peeled and the camera ready.

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