March 26, 2014

An incredible honor

So I had something really interesting and extremely exciting happen. I won a National Geographic photo contest. Me, the writer. I am not a photographer, nor do I pretend to be. But I do like to take pictures. And I understand and appreciate the power of photography to tell a story.

When I took a photo of SB with my dad in the hospice facility and saw how it turned out, I knew it was special. And I searched for a photo contest to enter it in. I found the assignment "Love Snap" from National Geographic's Your Shot website. And I entered.

I was thrilled and honored when my photograph was one of 27 selected from more than 14,000 submitted!

This was the last photo taken of SB and my dad together, and it was the final time she saw him conscious. Having it memorialized in such a significant way is so meaningful.

I was also featured in a write up about the contest on the Your Shot Blog. How cool is that?! I do not believe the photo will appear in the magazine, although the editors have said this assignment was their best and most popular to date. So perhaps they will decide to include it.

Regardless, it was incredibly cool. I am now an active member of the Your Shot Community, sharing my favorite and best pictures and working to improve a different set of skills. And loving it!
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