February 5, 2014


The other day, one of SB's speech therapists asked if she could speak to me. Her tone was very serious, somber even. I was a little nervous as I followed her from the waiting room to one of their therapy rooms.

We sat down on two tiny blue kids' chairs as SB played with toys on the other side of the room. Miss Laurie explained she had done a formal assessment of SB. And that she and her associate felt SB no longer required their services. The time has come for them to "release" her.

No. More. Speech. Therapy.

I was overcome with emotion, and began to sob. Big, fat ugly tears. Of pure joy. After more than three years of intensive speech therapy, SB she has overcome Apraxia. I could not be more happy. Or proud.

SB began speech therapy in October 2010 at the age of 21 months. When she was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech shortly thereafter, I was filled with fear and concern for her future.

She has worked her tail off. Hubby and I have made great sacrifices to pay for the therapy she needed, as it was not covered by our insurance. I have worked with her at home in between therapy sessions for years. It has been a long, hard road, for all of us.

And we have made it to the end of this journey. Before SB enters Kindergarten, which was my greatest hope from the beginning.

Today, it is hard for hubby and I to recall how much SB used to struggle with speech, because she is doing so well. Everyone who knows her and has been alongside us on this journey has noticed how amazing her speech is now.

She has a beautiful voice. It is the sweetest sound in the world to me.

Yesterday we took Miss Laurie (left) and Miss Maria, the therapists SB has been working with since January 2011, to lunch to celebrate SB's "graduation," and as a thank you.

No words are adequate to express my gratitude for all these wonderful ladies have done. Or my pride in my daughter. My little warrior kicked Apraxia's a--! And there was much rejoicing.

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