January 6, 2014

The tradition continues...

Seeing as a certain young girl in this house recently had a birthday, it was time for our fun tradition - The Birthday Tree! This year, SB was really looking forward to it.

I spend time leading up to her birthday getting all my materials ready. After a visit to the party store, I have to create my number ornaments:

That is probably the most labor intensive part of the preparation. The big work comes on the eve of her natal day. As soon as we get her to bed, I strip the tree of all the Christmas ornaments. That takes time, since I have to pack them up carefully.

Then I blow up balloons and find or create space in the tree to place them:

I hang the number ornaments and a variety of other decorations, which follow a theme. This year, it was a safari tree:

I'll be back Wednesday with photos of SB's safari-themed birthday party. In the meantime, I made a quick video detailing our birthday tree tradition...

SB tried hard to stay awake this year to sneak a peek at her tree in process. It has become something she really looks forward to, which was exactly what I hoped for when I started the tradition.

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