January 22, 2014

#Lunchbox Love for Valentine's Day is Perfect for my Child!

SB loves animals. If you spend any amount of time reading this blog, you know that. If not, I'll bring you up to speed. She wants to be a zoologist when she grows up. She had a safari-themed birthday party a few weeks ago. And she's raising money to save the endangered Siberian tiger from extinction.

So, when I received a sample of Lunchbox Love® Valentine's Day cards, I was so excited. They are perfect for my little animal lover! Each card has a fun animal fact on one side.

SB loves them. So much so, she doesn't want to give any of them away. She wants to keep them all for herself. But, after I explained she already knows so much about animals, and could help share that knowledge with her friends, she decided it was a cool idea. Plus, I told her we could keep the ones we don't use.

My daughter is allergic to strawberries. I will likely have to take away half of what she receives in her Valentine's Day bag from school. Which is fine, because I am not a fan of the obscene amount of candy she receives anyway. (It is out of control, in my humble opinion.) But, it's not fun for her.

In her current classroom, there are kids with a dairy allergy, peanut allergy and gluten intolerance. Which means there are other children who won't be able to enjoy many of the goodies placed in their bags, either. So I always aim for finding a fun item or two SB can give to her friends that are not food related.

After heading to a local party store and brainstorming with my five year old, we ended up with the idea of one mini-plush animal, one set of stickers and a Lunchbox Love® card for each of her classmates:

So, we've got our plans set for the goodie bags. All we have to do is assemble them. I love being ahead of the game! Thanks, Lunchbox Love®!

Disclaimer: As a member of the Lunchbox Love® Mom Panel, I am compensated for promoting the company in a variety of ways, including writing sponsored posts like this one.
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