December 16, 2013


So for our last trip to Disney this year, we made our first visit to Epcot. Of all the Walt Disney World parks, my fondest memories of childhood visits are from there. I was excited to share the experience with SB.

We have done a good deal of traveling throughout Florida with SB, and enjoyed some wonderful family vacations. But she has only been out of the state once, and that was a day trip just across the state line into Georgia.

We hope to do more extensive traveling with her in the near future. But for now, a visit to Epcot gave us a taste of that. She was fascinated by the different countries represented there, and wanted to learn more about them.

It was a fun way to expose her to different cultures, and pique her interest in learning about the world.

Yes, we enjoyed traveling "around the world." And for our very last day at a Disney park in 2013, we enjoyed a mix of old and new Hollywood...

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