November 11, 2013

Lunchbox Love for the Holidays

SB has really been enjoying the Lunchbox Love for Kids® this school year. She loves when her teachers read the cards out loud to her class during lunch time. She memorizes many of the jokes, and never tires of telling them.

In fact, she used some of the jokes from the Halloween volume when she was trick or treating this year.

Her favorite Halloween joke was, "Why don't skeletons like winter? Because the cold goes right through them!"

In addition to the regular volumes available for your child's lunch box and for others in your life, Say Please, Inc. offers Holiday Lunchbox Love®. So you can spread the love far and wide and enhance your family's enjoyment of this special time of year.

With Thanksgiving approaching, I reviewed the sets for the holiday and determined they are a bit sophisticated for my four year old. I'm planning to hold on to them for future years for sure. There are some great ones, and they can be a wonderful way to help your child(ren) learn to experience and express gratitude.

Our family does not celebrate Hannukah, but we have friends who do. I offered a volume I had received to one friend for her kids, and she was thrilled.

I have always wondered why I see the name of this Jewish holiday spelled so many different ways. Now I know.

My daughter will not attend much school during December. We're taking a week to enjoy a family vacation early in the month, and school is out for the latter two weeks. So I've decided our good friend Sparkle, aka our Elf on the Shelf, will be sharing some Lunchbox Love with her throughout the Christmas season:

We introduced this holiday tradition in our home last year, and SB loved it. This year we'll add to the fun by having Sparkle holding a new Lunchbox Love® for Christmas card each morning. I'll be sure to share photos along the way, and maybe a video or two. Sparkle will make her first appearance on Thanksgiving Day!

Disclaimer: As a member of the Lunchbox Love® Mom Panel, I am compensated for promoting the company in a variety of ways, including writing sponsored posts like this one.
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