October 21, 2013

Missing Fall

I moved to Florida in 2002. And every year since, come October I pine for fall. Here, all October means is that the temps might dip below 90 degrees. Barely.

Meanwhile, my Facebook feed is filled with tales of sweaters and bonfires and fall colors. I watch the baseball playoffs on TV and see all the fans bundled up.

And then I step out into the heat and humidity and sigh.

The reason I moved here was to get away from winters. After 30 years in the Midwest, I'd had enough of snow and ice and freezing temperatures. The trade off? I also gave up fall, my former favorite season.

I moved to Northeast Florida because there is a slight change of seasons here. I can occasionally wear sweaters and have a fire in the fireplace, but I don't have to deal with ice and snow.

Living in Florida enables us to be outside and active pretty much year round. That is one of the things I love about it.

And on a recent October Saturday, as I read status updates about cold weather, I sat in my front yard and watched my child do this:


That? Is what pure joy looks like. And while I sometimes feel my child may be missing out by not being where it snows, I'd much rather watch her having this kind of fun.

We can travel to where it snows.

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