September 23, 2013

Joy, sorrow and laughter

This past weekend, we had a wedding to attend. Which is not a very common occurrence these days, given our age and the age of our friends. I was really looking forward to it.

I bought a new dress. New jewelry. Could not find a good pair of new shoes, but did get a pedicure. I even went to the salon to have my hair styled.

I got fancy, y'all. Which does not happen very often these days...

It was a joyful occasion, and we had a great time. But there was one moment when I was suddenly and unexpectedly filled with sorrow. As the father of the bride gave his toast, I was overcome with emotion over my own dad's situation. And found myself in the restroom sobbing.

I managed to recover and enjoy the rest of the evening. I even shook my booty on the dance floor. Without my hubby, because he refuses to dance. He has danced with me exactly one time in the eight years we've been together - at our own wedding.

Next month we have another wedding to go to. Two weddings in two months after years without one.

SB will be joining us this time. The couple getting married are neighbors and good friends. The bride's daughter is SB's best friend, and it is a small, family friendly affair.

SB's friend will be the flower girl. When SB first learned of this, she grew insanely jealous. It was the first time I had seen her experience real envy. She desperately wanted to be a flower girl. So at dinner one night, she hatched her plan.

"Daddy, when Mommy dies you will need a new wife. And I am going to be your flower girl."

"Wait a minute? Why do I have to die in this scenario?!" I asked.

"Because I want to be a flower girl."

"But why do you assume I have to die in order for that to happen?"

"Because you would be OK without a husband, but Daddy needs a wife."

So many things I could say... Instead, I offered up an alternative plan.

"I have an idea I think we could all be happy with. How about if when Daddy and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, we renew our vows and you can be OUR flower girl?"

"What are vows?"

"A vow is a promise. When people get married, they make certain promises to each other, often in front of their family and friends. You weren't alive when Daddy and I were married, obviously, and I think it would be very special to be able to renew our promises and celebrate the fact we are a family. Would you like that?"

"YES! Can I wear a pretty dress?"

"Absolutely. You can pick it out yourself. Deal?"


So, I get to live, SB gets to be a flower girl, and everyone is happy. Now she just has to wait about three and a half years. The same amount of time I will have to wait for hubby to dance with me again...

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