August 26, 2013

The Summer Series Wrap Up

Summer has come to an end for some, and will shortly for the rest. What a great one it has been here on the blog! I hosted an awesome group of writers for my second annual Summer Series. I honestly am in awe about all the talented people I know.

Never will anyone convince me online connections are not real or valuable!

I did not provide my guests with any specific direction, other than to explain my blog is about motherhood and writing. And those topics were certainly covered well. I found it interesting so many of the participants chose to write about summer itself. How they approach it. How they feel about it. How different things are now than when they were kids.

Some guests wrote about exciting projects they are working on. Others about the ways the internet impacts their lives. Every single post was a great read.

I hope you enjoyed having the chance to get to know some new people and read fresh perspectives in this space. I know I did. I'm sorry to have it come to an end, but "they" say all things must.

In case you missed any of the series posts, you'll find links to all below:

I look forward to next summer, and am already creating a list of the awesome people I hope to host here in 2014!

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