July 3, 2013

Her space

Shortly after SB turned two, we transitioned her room from nursery to "big girl" room. And we were all thrilled with how it turned out:

For the most part, the room has been unchanged since. The bookshelf keeps getting bigger, and the zoo of stuffed animals is ever-expanding. But that's about it.

Today, the room just doesn't seem to "fit" SB. It does not reflect her personality. As cute as it is, and as perfect as it was when we first made the transition, it just doesn't feel right anymore.

I asked her recently if she wanted to redecorate it for her fifth birthday. I said she could choose new bedding and accessories herself. The only things we wouldn't do were paint or buy new furniture.

She was ecstatic. And immediately announced she wanted an Ariel/Tinkerbell room. I told her I didn't think those two "themes" would go together very well, but she was adamant. I'll be frank; I was not enthusiastic. But this is not about ME. It is about SB creating a space of her own.

So I got online and began to look at things, bookmarking items I thought she might like. Since her birthday is not until December, I wasn't planning to show them to her at this point. Unless something went on sale.

Then one day recently she came to me all breathless and said she'd changed her mind. She wanted to decorate her room in an ocean theme, "with dolphins and whales and fish and crabs and seahorses and all the creatures of the ocean!"

It might have had something to do with the fact she is attending a summer program at her preschool called Camp Dolphin. But she was so excited we ended up getting online right then and there to look for things.

We found an adorable bedding set she loves. And it was on sale on Amazon for 70% off. So this mama ordered that sucker!

Is that cute or what? Now I'm very enthusiastic about this project. Later that night, after she had gone to bed, I started to look for accessories. And found some awesome things. I ordered them, too.

At this point, it's hard to say who is more excited about SB's new room. But I know one thing, there is no way we will be able to wait until December to put all the new stuff in there.

Oh, and Ariel will be making a cameo in the new room. After all, the theme is "under the sea." We've figured out a cool way to incorporate her into the design.

Stay tuned for pictures to come soon!

Lastly, I'm excited to have found a great new home for SB's current bedroom stuff. It is going to my friend Katie Sluiter's adorable little boys. They already have a monkey theme, but needed more stuff because the boys will be sharing a room.

I love Katie's two little monkeys, and she has promised to send pics of them enjoying their new room decor. SB is excited to know her stuff is going to a good home. She wrote the boys a note and asked them to kiss the monkey pillows goodnight for her.

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