May 20, 2013

Tiny dancer

Last fall, when SB told me she wanted to take dance, I took to Facebook and asked local friends for recommendations. More than seven friends named the same studio. Some had danced there growing up, others had children currently dancing there, and one friend dances there herself.

I went to check it out and liked it. Took SB and she got to observe a class. She could not wait to get started. So three generations of Flora girls (my mom, me and SB) went shopping for shoes and leotards and tights. She got a dance bag. And could not wait to get started.

The location was very convenient. It was just down the street from where SB has speech therapy, and the class she would attend began 30 minutes after speech. It was perfect in so many ways.

One of the things I love about the dance school is its philosophy. The goal is to help young girls enjoy dance. There is no competition. Or pressure. It is a Christian school, so the overall mission is to praise God through dance.

The head of the school stood up to speak to all of the first time moms (me included) the week before the big event. She explained we would never see any of her staff getting on the girls for missing a step or forgetting her spot. And she encouraged us all to follow that example. It was, she reminded us, supposed to be fun.

Personally, I love that attitude.

I took dance when I was SB's age, and I hated it. I remember well. My mom does, too. She says the head of my dance school was very "militant." She does not believe he made it fun. As a result, I was not in dance for long.

This past weekend, the culmination of months of work for SB and her dance class came together for the annual Showcase. Made up of three and four year-old girls, it was guaranteed to be a cuteness overload. And it did not disappoint.

SB was full of nervous energy as we met up with the other girls in the get ready room. She did not want her hair in a bun, but that was a requirement. I can't do hair to save my life. Fortunately, there were women there to help. Best $5 I've ever spent.

Then there was picture taking, and more nervous energy. I presented SB with a trophy we had purchased through the school. Then I left her with her class to go find my family in the auditorium. Hubby and my mom had gotten us front row seats!

It was a joyful occasion. And it made quite an impression on SB.

For the past month or so, she has been begging to quit dance so she could take gymnastics. I told her she had to stick with it until Showcase, because she had made a commitment and her class was counting on her. I promised I would then find her a gymnastics class (I have a one extracurricular activity at a time rule).

That night during her bath, she told me she wants to continue with dance so she can be in Showcase next year.  The biggest draw? She gets to have a french braid instead of a bun. Also, two of her classmates from preschool and her BFF who lives on our street will also be attending class. So she is super excited to continue on with dance.

I would have followed through on my promise, but am in no way disappointed. I can't wait for another year of cuteness!

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