May 6, 2013

Spreading the message

Since I launched The Mom Pledge in early 2011, the two responses I receive most often are:
  1. Is there really a need for something like this?
  2. I am SO glad to see this. It is SO needed! Thank you!
There is a new campaign to end judging among moms, and a survey conducted by its organizer demonstrates why our shared mission is so important:

In a survey I conducted with The Mom Pledge Community, 76% of respondents had experienced or witnessed cyberbullying between moms online. And the top issues dividing moms online closely matched the results of the National Motherhood Decisions Survey.

The problem has been well established. It is high time moms take charge of the solution by stopping the judgment and encouraging support. I've taken the Strong Moms Empower pledge, because it is essentially the same message as my own movement here.

The more of us out there spreading the message, the better. Being a mom is stressful enough without the negative impact of judgment. We deserve better. We can do better. Together.
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