May 24, 2013

Analogy from a four year old

Hubby is a Trekkie. Big time. I have a lot of fun at his expense, but I do indulge him from time to time and watch episodes of the show or some of the old movies. And the new ones.

He has been looking forward to the latest - Star Trek Into Darkness - for months. Well, years probably. The date of its release has been on a post it note on our fridge for a long time.

As that date approached, he devoured any and all information about the film. Showed me countless teasers and trailers (confession: I don't understand the difference). He acted as if he needed to convince me to go.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I would pretty much watch Chris Pine in anything. No sales pitch needed. I was in. Plus, I had made the commitment to find more time with my husband. Win-win situation right there.

Then I asked three different babysitters if they could watch SB while we went that opening weekend, and none of them were available. Having promised hubby for months I would go, I was a little panicked. Fortunately, our lovely friend and neighbor (and the mother of SB's BFF) agreed to hang out with SB on Sunday afternoon so we could take in a matinee.

That night after dinner, SB was asking hubby questions about Star Trek. And Star Wars, because she is trying to figure out the difference. Who is who, and in which series... It's a lot for a four year old to take in. She's too young to be exposed to any of the movies at this point, but she knows her Daddy's a fan.

I was cleaning up the kitchen while they enjoyed some cookies and milk, only half listening to their conversation. Somehow Spock had come up, and hubby was trying to explain what a Vulcan is, and how Spock is half Vulcan, half human.

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He told her Spock's father was a Vulcan and his mother was human. And then he started to become uncomfortable, because he realized this was getting into dreaded where-do-babies-come-from territory.

Now I was paying attention.

SB already understands where babies come from. She's way ahead of the game. I knew that. I was just kind of wondering how hubby was going to handle things. It was rather amusing to watch him squirm.

Then she took him off the hook. To demonstrate she understood where this was all going, she threw out an analogy. Comparing Spock to the offspring of Donkey and the dragon in Shrek 3.

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I had tears streaming down my face; I was laughing so hard. It was one of the funniest conversations I think I have ever heard.

Oh and for the record, I really loved the movie. It was awesome. I had tears streaming down my face while watching, but not from laughter. Totally did not expect that.

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