April 29, 2013

Out of office alert

We're heading back to Disney World. And, while I am a pretty organized person, I was not together enough to write posts in advance for the week. Things have been pretty crazy with the Ross family.

However, this is the perfect opportunity to share with you my latest work over at Moonfrye! There are exciting things coming for the site, and I'm so proud to be part of the amazing team that has been with Soleil from the start.

  • Substitute - SB lost her security blanket, but we found the next best thing.
  • A room for my father* - The most emotional piece I have ever written.
  • If only... - You never know what is going to upset your child. SB had a surprising sensitivity.
  • A room of her own - This is old news, but it was fun to share SB's bedroom with a new audience!
  • Tickled Pink - I wasn't ready to be the mom of a little girl, but I'm so glad I am!
  • Uncanny - A post about my child's sixth sense to interrupt me at the most inopportune of times.
  • Hold the salt - The average American diet includes far too much sodium. Cutting salt does have to mean sacrificing taste.

On of the things I really love about the site is the Snapshots feature. As much as I love words, I do recognize and appreciate the power of photographs to tell the story of my life. I share tons of pictures on the site. To check them out, just go to my author page and scroll around to see what else the Ross family has been up to this spring!

* This post is up for Voice of the Year. If you are a BlogHer member and inclined to vote for it, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

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