April 5, 2013

Good, clean fun

The day before Easter, we had an egg hunt in our neighborhood. It was small; just SB, her BFF (who happens to live two doors down from us) and the sweet baby girl who lives across the street. Several other neighbors, who we consider honorary grandparents, participated as well.

Before things got underway, I reviewed the rules with SB. The first rule was that the girls not go in the street. We kept all the eggs in yards on the same side of the street because unfortunately, people drive like maniacs through our neighborhood.

That was the only official "rule" that had been set. I added a few others:

"Don't push or pull or play tug of war for eggs. Be nice. It's not a competition. It's not about who gets the most eggs. It's about having fun."

"Of course it's a competition!" hubby interjected.

"NO, it is NOT!" I corrected him. "Easter is not about competing."

I understand there is a time and a place for competition. And, such events can help children build important life skills. I'm not against it; I just don't think it is appropriate for Easter. In my opinion, the message of the holiday, the spirit of Easter does not mix well with kids knocking each other over to get candy.

I have been to Easter egg hunts before where that happened. Things got really ugly. I don't care for that.

We have always limited SB's participation to small events hosted or organized by close friends. Public events, even church ones, have a tendency to not bring out the best in people.

I wanted our experience to be different. Of course, the older kids did get a bit competitive, comparing who had more eggs in her basket. That is normal. The important thing is, they were not mean to each other. They were kind to one another, and they helped out the youngest child by giving her eggs for her basket.

The morning was exactly how I had hoped it would be - good, clean fun. Something I'm not sure kids get enough of in modern day childhood.

How do you feel about competition for kids in general, and specifically at Easter egg hunts? I'd love to know your thoughts...

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