April 12, 2013

Florida beauty

I moved to Florida for the beach. Having spent most of my life landlocked in the Midwest, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to reside near the ocean.

Before I was married, I lived within walking distance of the beach and went several times a week. Now I live 30 minutes inland, and I am a mom. Getting to the beach tends to be a major production that does not always seem worth the effort.

I spend more of my time along the shores of the St. John's River than the Atlantic Ocean these days. And I have discovered there is incredible beauty there. It is subtle. The kind that whispers, quietly seeping into your soul.

There is a park near our home we have all fallen in love with. It has a great playground for SB. Wonderful walking trails through the woods and along the river. Tall live oak and magnolia trees covered in Spanish moss. Hanging swings looking out over the water. We visit often.

The other day we read an article in the local paper about "our" park. And were surprised to see photos of a dock. We didn't even know it had one. As much time as we have spent there, we'd never discovered it.

We set out last Saturday to find it. After checking out the offerings of the locals at the weekly farmer's market held at the park. And, mission accomplished...

Hubby and I agree if somehow money were no object, our dream home would be not on the ocean, but the river. Facing west for magnificent views of the sunset. With our own dock and a boat. Nothing wrong with dreaming, right?

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