April 10, 2013

Dear Mom Meme

On any given day, when I get online, I come across at least one article or post in which a mom bashes another mom. Any mother can be a target, for any reason. The internet is full of judgment, criticism and hatred.

It also offers unprecedented opportunity to spread goodwill. With Mother's Day is just around the corner, I can think of no better time to tell another mom she has inspired you, given you courage or simply made you laugh.

So here's what I suggest - write a post in the form of a letter. It can be for a mom you know personally, a blogger you follow or a stranger you encountered in your day-to-day life and remembered. And of course, there's always your own mom. Whomever you choose, whether she'll ever read it or not, take a moment to say something positive about her parenting.

Use the button below in your post and link up on the new Dear Mom page of this blog. Help demonstrate how the internet can be used to support, encourage and compliment one another. All posts will be shared on The Mom Pledge Community's Facebook page and through Twitter.

Not a blogger? Write an email to a mom friend. Post a positive message on her FB wall or page. Send out a complimentary tweet using the hashtag #DearMom. There are plenty of ways we can work to build one another up online rather than tear each other down.

Be sure to share this meme with all the moms you know who spend time online. Participants do not need to be members of the Mom Pledge Community (but are certainly welcome to join). Let's spread positive mom-to-mom messages across the web!

Dear Mom Meme

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