April 15, 2013

Anti-Social Networks?

This? Is why movements like the Dear Mom Meme are so important:

The internet is becoming less and less civil. Not just between moms, but for everyone. This article shares some interesting statistics that don't surprise me. Do they surprise you?

Joseph Grenny, co-author of Crucial Conversations, also offers some great tips for how to communicate effectively via social media:
  • Check your motives. Social media hasn’t only changed the way we communicate, it has modified our motives. Ask yourself, “Is my goal to get lots of ‘likes’ (or even provoke controversy)?” or “Do I want healthy dialogue?”
  • Replace hot words. If your goal is to make a point rather than score a point, replace “hot” words that provoke offense with words that help others understand your position. For example, replace “that is idiotic” with “I disagree for the following reasons…”
  • Pause to put emotions in check. Never post a comment when you’re feeling emotionally triggered. Never! If you wait four hours you’re likely to respond differently.
  • Agree before you disagree. It’s fine to disagree, but don’t point out your disagreement until you acknowledge areas where you agree. Often, arguers agree on 80 percent of the topic but create a false sense of conflict when they spend all their time arguing over the other 20 percent.
  • Trust your gut. When reading a response to your post and you feel the conversation is getting too emotional for an online exchange—you’re right! Stop. Take it offline. Or better yet, face-to-face.
Face-to-face communication is not possible when you are dealing exclusively online with individuals you do not know. These additional tips could be helpful in those situations.

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