April 1, 2013

A conspicuous absence

We carried out many of our Easter traditions yesterday, but there was one conspicuous absence - my father. Overall, it was a good day. My mom, hubby, SB and I celebrated together and enjoyed ourselves.

We were certainly thinking about him. And, as children are wont to do, SB put her thoughts into words several times.

As we were driving to meet my mom, SB said, "BaBop would normally be with us, too."

During brunch, she commented, "It is strange without BaBop here." And later, simply, "I miss BaBop."

Of course, she was simply articulating what we were all feeling. At one point I went to the restroom and came close to tears when alone with my thoughts. But I staved them off. And we really did have a good day.

When we said goodbye to my mom and prepared to head home, I asked SB if she wanted to drive by where BaBop will be living. It is just around the corner from my parents' home. SB said she did.

Once the building was in view, she asked if she could go inside. Hubby was unsure. I thought it was a great idea. My father has not yet been moved in, but all his things are there. I felt allowing her to test the waters before actually seeing him could be a good thing.

However, she has never been in such a facility before. I was not entirely sure how she would react. I did my best to prepare her for what it would be like inside. I told her if at any point she felt too uncomfortable, she should tug my arm, and we would step outside to talk about it.

There was no need to worry. SB took in the environment exactly as I had thought she might - with an open mind and an open heart, even giving a hug to a resident who asked for one.

Kids truly are amazing.

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