March 8, 2013


We are big fans of the TV show Wild Kratts. I may have mentioned that here a time or two. We enjoy it even more now that we have actually met Chris and Martin Kratt in person.

SB and I look forward to sitting down together and watching. So on Monday, when we did so and found a news program on instead of Wild Kratts, we were disappointed. I assumed there had been some sort of big news that day they needed to cover. I told SB we would watch the following day.

Except when we sat down in front of the TV on Tuesday and turned on our local PBS station, there was once again a news program on. This time? SB did not take it as well. Fortunately, we have the PBS Kids Go! app on an iPad, so I grabbed it and queued up an episode for her to watch.

At that point, I thought maybe I had missed an announcement about a time change. Sometimes, programs get moved around. So I went online to look at the schedule. Could not find Wild Kratts anywhere on it. Perplexed and concerned, I sent an email to "Audience Services" asking what was up.

The next day, I received a response explaining Wild Kratts was being "preempted." For a daily update from the state legislature. Until June.


I cannot think of a single adult I know who would want to watch daily updates on the state legislature for three months straight. Not even my hubby, who is very interested in politics and likes to be up to date, cares to watch PBS' Capitol Update from Tallahassee.

And preempting a top-rated, award winning kids show with updates from the state capitol? When said show is actively promoting the new episodes it has produced for this season? Simply makes zero sense to me.

I seriously can't imagine why they would choose to preempt a children's program for an adult show. Why not replace current adult content in its regular time slot? My gut reaction would be to think, "They must not have kids of their own." Yet the VP who emailed me said Wild Kratts is one of his daughter's favorite shows, too.

I've been trying to figure out how to respond to that email. 'Cause frankly, I'm dumbfounded.

Twice today we have seen a promo for Wild Kratts while watching PBS Kids. It said you could catch the show on "Weekdays." Except you can't. Oops.

Don't get me wrong; I love PBS. It is basically the only channel we allow SB to watch. She occasionally watches a show or two on Disney Junior, but that's it. We are definitely a PBS family. But this move, in my opinion, is moronic. And feels like a slap in the face.

How would your child react if his or her favorite TV show just stopped being on one day with no notice? How would you?

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