February 6, 2013

Meeting the Kratts

SB's anticipation level about meeting the Kratt brothers was off the charts. She was more excited about seeing them than she was the Disney princesses. And that is saying a lot. Then again, she never actually asked to go to Disney World. That was our idea.

She had asked to meet the Kratt brothers many, many times. The night before we were set to do so, hubby and I had a difficult time getting her to go to bed. She gushed, "I'm just too excited to sleep! I can't wait to meet Chris and Martin tomorrow!"

She finally did settle down, late, and was up before the dawn, getting much less sleep than normal. This concerned us, because the lack of sleep coupled with the excitement of the day significantly increased her chances of having a seizure. We were on high alert as we headed to SeaWorld.

Fortunately, she did not have one. But she was exhausted, which led to a great deal of whining and overall grumpiness that day. Right before we were set to see the show, she announced she just wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep. I nearly panicked.

She was able to rally, however, and greatly enjoyed the performance. We did, too. I've never seen the Kratt brothers live before. They are incredibly energetic and engaging, and funny! Their show was fantastic.

After it ended and the crowd had dispersed, we had an amazing opportunity to meet Chris and Martin. They were so gracious and really good with SB, who developed a serious and unusual (for her) case of shyness once face to face with her idols.

The staff at SeaWorld set up a special area for us, and I got to ask Chris and Martin a few questions about the show, their work overall and their lifelong love of animals. I hope you enjoy! And thank you to both of them for taking time after a very hectic day to chat with me. It was a great pleasure.

I could have talked with the pair for hours. They were so interesting and fun. But I wanted to respect their time. So once I had asked my prepared questions, I reluctantly said goodbye. (Of course, I have thought of many questions since I wish I could ask!)

If your kids love the show as much as mine does, I'm giving away a DVD of Wild Kratts Lost at Sea! Be sure to enter below. And good luck!

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I'd like to thank a few people for helping make this interview possible: Kenneth Howell and Emily Winterhalter at SeaWorld Orlando, Kristen Smith from The Kratt Brothers Company LTD and my hubby, who was in charge of audio and video. He took great care making sure he had all the right equipment, even grabbing SB's karoake microphone as we walked out the door to help with sound recording. He also helped edit the finished product...

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