February 11, 2013

Fun with animals

One of the things I love about living in Florida is we can be outside and active nearly year round. Here in the NE part of the state, we do get a slight change of seasons. And I like that we can have fires in the fireplace and bundle up to go outside. Occasionally.

But there is no snow here. Or ice. Or truly frigid temperatures. I have been there, done that. Don't ever want to again. After spending most of my life in the Midwest, I am now happily and (I hope) permanently a Florida girl. Thankyouverymuch.

On Saturday, as Winter Storm Nemo was bashing parts of the country, SB suggested we visit our local zoo. We looked at the forecast and said, "That sounds like a great idea! Let's go!"

The previous weekend, we had been at SeaWorld, where we had seen many marine animals not on display at our zoo. And we saw the Kratt brothers. During their performance, Chris and Martin told the tale of one of their many creature adventures.

The audience participated by making the sounds and, when applicable, gestures of the animals in the story, which takes place along the banks of the Amazon. Walking through our zoo's South America exhibit, we saw many of those animals firsthand.

As we looked at the Giant River Otters, I asked SB if she remembered who had recently told a story about them. She answered immediately, "Chris and Martin!"

I suggested we look for the animals in the story, to see how many we could find. And with each one we encountered, I asked if she remembered the noise they made. From that point on we got a lot of strange looks.

There were the howler monkeys:

That was not exactly the sound Chris and Martin asked us to make. But you get the general idea.

We didn't find any wild pigs. Our zoo does have Capybaras, however, which I think look like giant guinea pigs (I know, no actual relation to pigs). We substituted them in our on version of the story and made squeaking noises.

By the time we started flapping our wings and squawking like the Scarlett Macaw, people were really looking at us like we were nuts. And we were giggling so hard we could barely contain ourselves.

I wanted to say to people, "You had to be there." But, when we substituted the American Alligator for the Caymen, we got a different reaction. Our chomps were met with shouts of, "Yeah! Go Gators!"

You probably have to live in Florida to get that one. But with this photo, perhaps you can understand why I had nightmares about alligators when I first moved here.

We also saw an animal Chris Kratt told us would be appearing in a future Wild Kratts episode:

Can you name it?

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