February 13, 2013

Family of six

Last week, we did a very spontaneous and surprising thing - to me anyway. We adopted a second cat.

There has been this very sweet adult cat at our vet for some time now, in the lobby in a large cage. They always have kittens or cats looking for a home. That is how Amber came to be with us.

When I went to pick her up from boarding recently, I saw this sweet cat was still there. I took a photo and posted it to FB, asking local friends to help find her a home.

That night, hubby suggested we adopt her. I thought he was crazy at first. But he pointed out it is not much different - and no more difficult - to have two cats than one. And Amber has been acting pretty bored when it's just me at home. It's likely she could benefit from having a playmate.

Hubby left the decision up to me. I went to the vet one day last week while SB was at school and spent some time with the cat and liked her. I took SB by after school. She fell hard. And the cat really seemed to like her.

She came home with us.

She has adjusted very well, and the three animals are getting to know each other. There are some occasional hisses or growls, but overall they have done excellent. We're really pleased, and we love the new addition to our family.

Meet Evelyn:

We are now a family of six.

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