January 28, 2013


So, as I alluded to last week, SB has a new pet. It is one that could be considered a bit, well, unconventional. But for those who know her, it comes as no surprise. Meet Toad:

Just like with her stuffed animals, SB is very literal and is simply calling him what he is. He's a toad. And while I did let her hold him for a few moments when I took this picture, he is not the kind of pet you take out and handle much.

He stays in his tank and is the kind of pet you watch. He burrows into the dirt and hides a good deal of the time. But when I show up with crickets, he perks up. I'm embarrassed to say how much we all enjoy watching him eat his meals. It's really quite cool.

This being NE Florida is has been a little on the cool side, so there aren't as many bugs around. But when it warms up, we plan to catch some to supplement the crickets we get at the pet store once a week.

They have proven to be great entertainment for our kitten, Amber. She could watch them for hours. I place the plastic critter keeper on the floor and she circles it and paws at them. Or simply stares.

That's right; I now keep bugs in my house on purpose. And I'm really not weirded out by it.

SB has a wide, wonderful array of interests. She's girly, loves the color pink and all things princess. She plays dress up and dolls. She also loves bugs and critters and has a pet toad. We raised tadpoles last summer, so it seemed totally natural she would want to have an amphibian as a pet.

I cracked up a few weeks ago when we went to make our purchase of crickets and SB insisted on wearing her Rapunzel dress to the pet store. Here's my little princess holding her bag of live bugs:

This? Is so my child. I love her!

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