January 7, 2013

Magical Moments

We live about two hours from Disney World. But we have yet to take SB. It just seemed like a lot of money to spend on something she would never remember.

Would she have fun? Most certainly. Would we enjoy watching her experience it? For sure! But we didn’t feel it was time – until now.

We have been planning a Disney trip for her fourth birthday for over six months.

The centerpiece of the trip is an appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (code name: BBB). SB is dying to go there and be transformed into a princess. Ariel, to be specific.

This is where I will tell you I am not a big fan of the Disney princesses. I don’t quite hate them as much as I do Barbie, but I’m not crazy about them.

However, my daughter, like so many young girls, is in a serious princess phase. And we are simply going with it.

So an appointment at the BBB followed by a birthday lunch at The Royal Table in Cinderella’s castle? Is going to blow our little girl’s mind. And yes, it WILL be fun to watch.

Her birthday was between Christmas and New Year’s. So we waited for the holiday craziness – and crowds - to die down.

You have to call 180 days in advance to book a reservation at the BBB. I was giddy when I got the date we wanted. And we planned the rest of the trip around it.

Of course we had to tell her about it. Setting ourselves up for a VERY long six months. She gasped and clapped her hands. And announced to everyone she came into contact with that she was going to Disney World for her birthday.

We regularly watched videos on YouTube of families at Disney World, and SB has made a mental list of all the things she wants to do while we are there. Her excitement is palpable, and it makes me anticipate this trip with such joy.

I can’t wait for all the magical moments we will experience as a family. And will be sharing them with you soon!

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