January 25, 2013


Back in December, I found out the Kratt brothers were coming to Florida. I had promised SB if that ever happened, I would take her to see them. When I told her it was actually going to take place, the result was priceless.

This week it was confirmed not only will we get to watch Chris and Martin on stage at SeaWorld, I will be interviewing them after the performance. And SB will get to meet them, up close and personal. A dream come true for her.

The other day after I told her, she had me pretend to be Chris, and then Martin, so she could practice meeting them. She shook my hand and introduced herself. Told me about her pets and her favorite wild animals. It was adorable.

When the actual meeting takes place, I predict one of two scenarios will go down. Either she will be so nervous about seeing her idols in person she will hide behind my legs and refuse to say anything, or she will run up to them, hug them and say, "I wuv you!" I honestly have no idea which reaction she will have.

The timing of the meeting is not ideal. It will be late in the day, around the "witching hour." It is likely SB will not be at her best. But, as one of my friends noted when I expressed my concerns on FB, "The Kratt brothers are used to dealing with wild animals. It will be OK."

I'm pretty excited about the opportunity myself, to be honest. The show Wild Kratts is a favorite of our whole family, for many reasons. Chris and Martin develop great programs for kids. I'm honored to be able to meet them, and plan to thank them personally.

I'm very strict about what SB can watch. My standards are high. But I have no reservations about my daughter watching their show. She enjoys it and she learns something. The show is age appropriate and uses animals to teach science concepts. What's not to love?

I'll be shooting video of my interview with Chris and Martin, as well as writing about it here and on Moonfrye.com. Stay tuned to see how it all goes down. The Rosses meet the Kratts on February 2 at SeaWorld in Orlando!

And speaking of my little creature adventurer, come back next week to meet her new, somewhat unusual pet...

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