November 2, 2012

Your voice matters

I do not discuss politics online. For many reasons. But I have one important message before this election I'd like to share with you.

Please vote.

I personally believe it is not only a right AND privilege to vote, but also a duty. Many people have died through the years to establish and protect my freedoms. To stay home on Election Day and not bother would be an insult to their memory, in my opinion.

So I vote in every election.

Recently, I have seen the following statements made on social media sites:

  • If you plan to vote for Candidate X, please unfriend me now.
  • I don't care who you vote for, as long as it is Candidate X.
  • Vote. But only if you get it please. (And by "get it" this person meant "vote for my party." There were some other off color remarks included in the post I am not going to share.)
  • Anyone who believes Y should not be allowed to vote.

I don't believe the people who wrote these things were kidding. I think they meant it. And I find that more than a little disturbing.

The democratic process relies on all of us participating. I humbly suggest we remember the foundation this great nation was built on. And that it protects not only our right to our beliefs, but also to be heard. To have a voice.

I support your right to vote, even if you have different positions on issues that are important to me. Your voice matters, so make sure you participate in the democratic process and vote!

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