November 26, 2012

Mother-Daughter Black Friday

SB and I enjoyed our own version of Black Friday last week. The local pottery studio (where we held her second birthday party) was having a special sale. Fifty percent off all the items you could paint in the first hour. Forty percent in the second hour, and so on...

She has been begging me to go there lately. I figured they'd be closed on Friday, but then I checked their FB page and saw the info on the sale. Boom. We painted Christmas presents for SB's grandparents and her best friend. And I let her pick out an item for herself.

She chose a mug with cupcakes on it and painted it in her favorite colors, pink and purple. "With brown for the bottom of the cupcake, Mommy."

Afterwards, we went across the street to Starbucks for a special treat.

And that is how I like to spend a Black Friday. How about you?

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