November 16, 2012

Friendship. Lies. Seduction. Betrayal. Welcome to Totlandia.

The Pacific Heights Moms and Tots Club is the most exclusive children’s playgroup in San Francisco. Securing a place in the club has always been next to impossible. But this year’s admissions process is more rigorous than ever.

Founder Bettina Connaught Cross’ rules are simple: Moms only. No single parents or working mothers. Membership is a commitment. And there’s no room in the club for scandal, bad behavior, or imperfection... from tots or their moms.

Six candidates are vying for the remaining four slots, but each has a secret that would knock them out of the running.

Can the hopeful moms keep up appearances long enough to outlast the competition? Or will their chances--and their private lives--go up in flames? Moms better beware. Bettina is watching.

This is the first of four books that follow our heroines during "the Onesies," their inaugural year in the club. Upcoming books--released in quarterly episodes--will follow subsequent years: the Twosies, Threesies, Foursies, and Fivesies. WELCOME TO TOTLANDIA!

If you are a fan of the popular Real Housewives shows, it's a good bet you will eat this story up! All I can say is, I'm glad I don't know any of these people in real life! I know this type of competition among moms exists; I just don't care to participate.

The woman of The Pacific Heights Moms and Tots Club are conniving, secretive, vindictive and desperate, for many different reasons. The stuff of good drama. And there is plenty of it in the first book of the series.

And even though many of us probably can't relate to the lifestyle of the story's main characters, as moms there is plenty we can relate to. One mom fears her child has autism. Another faces a painful divorce. One is trying to juggle career and motherhood in a culture that looks down on those who don't give their all to their offspring.

Dads need not apply to The Pacific Heights Moms and Tots Club, but one has. He's determined to get his child in, and has devised a plan to fool the uptight ladies of the club. There's just one problem - his son's mother.

These are the moms of Totlandia. Get to know them today!

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