October 5, 2012

Where learning is a pleasure

I have always loved Publix. It's true what they say, shopping there really IS a pleasure. I have never encountered any company anywhere that understands and executes customer service better. And no, this is not a sponsored post.

When hubby and I went down to one income, I shopped around to see if I could save on groceries. He had read an article about places to save, and over the course of a month I tried them all. Not only did we not save; I actually ended up spending more. And hated every single place I went to.

At "my" Publix, they know me. They know my daughter. They make us both smile. They notice when she is not with me and ask if she is OK, or if I am just enjoying a rare shopping outing alone. They go above and beyond to make sure my experience there is a good one. I've shopped at other Publix locations in my city, and it is always the same.

I once had the store manager go through the entire place with me to help me find a good gluten-free dessert when I was hosting a friend with Celiac disease. He called upon several department managers, and they all helped with what turned out to be a real challenge. I will never go anyplace else.

The other day, I was shopping without SB and I noticed these signs throughout the store:

I think they are so awesome! A manager at the store told me they had been up for some time, but I had never noticed them. And I know even if I missed them, SB wouldn't have. She loves to play games and would delight in these signs.

When I give her a bath, we like to play word games. Like seeing how many opposites we can come up with. We take turns quizzing each other by saying a word and challenging the other to name the opposite. We also play a game where we come up with an animal for each letter of the alphabet.

Playing games while grocery shopping? Brilliant.

The logo on the signs is obscured, but with a little online research I discovered it was bornlearning.org. I reached out and found out the signs are part of United Way's Born Learning public engagement campaign.

According to Rachel Perry, Director of Strategic Impact Communications for United Way Worldwide, "Publix created these with United Way a few years ago, as a way to help parents in their stores use 'everyday experiences' in the aisles to help young kids (under 5) learn." 

To which I say, "Bravo! And thank you!"

The Born Learning site has all kinds of resources to help parents turn everyday experiences in to teachable moments. Be sure to check them out!

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