October 12, 2012


We're settling in to a new family routine here at the Ross household. Hubby's office moved late last month.

It used to be located just three miles from our home. Which was very convenient for him. SB and I would have to leave for preschool before he left for work. He came home for lunch every day, and was normally home in time for us to enjoy a family dinner (though his workload sometimes meant he ate alone after SB went to bed).

For the past few years, hubby has managed SB's bedtime routine. After dinner, he takes her upstairs for her bath while I clean the kitchen. I head up to help get her in her pajamas and brush her hair. Then I give kisses goodnight and head downstairs for my own shower while he reads her bedtime stories. And my Mommy shift ends. (Although as we all know, it never officially ends. Mommies are "on call" 24/7.)

All that had to change. Hubby now has a 30+ minute commute each way. Fortunately, he is allowed to basically make his own hours. So he is trying to leave earlier and get home around the same time. But the drive is getting to him.

SB has an early bedtime on school nights (7:30) and I am very strict about it. She just doesn't do well if she goes to bed later. So, we can't wait for Daddy. Some nights we all eat together. But I usually give SB her bath, then hubby comes up and reads to her. That enables him to unwind a bit from his day.

SB misses having her Daddy home for lunch on the days she is also here. But to be honest, I am enjoying having time to myself on the days she is in school. I am able to be much more productive. Especially since I am trying to focus more on my writing.

Change is part of life, and our family is adjusting to this one just fine. And right now, we're enjoying a different change of pace - on vacation at a beachfront condo! I'll be sharing that experience with you next week for sure!
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