September 24, 2012

Babies and kittens

When we got our new kitten, I figured I was in for a little more work. I mean, a kitten is easier than a puppy. No house training. They don't chew all your stuff up. But still, a new pet is a lot of responsibility.

What I didn't realize is that having a kitten is a lot like having a new baby in the house. Yes, I know there are some major differences between the two. I think those are pretty self-explanatory. But hubby and I have both been surprised by how much Amber has taken us back to the early days after bringing SB home from the hospital.

I give you, The Top 10 Ways Having A Kitten Is Like Having A Baby...

1. They confuse night with day and have messed up sleep patterns. Cats sleep a lot. Up to 18 hours a day in fact. That's normal. It was also normal in the beginning for Amber to want to spend her awake hours between 10 PM and 3AM. We have to make sure we wake her up in the evening and play with her so we can all sleep at night.

2. You have to kitten proof the house. It's like baby proofing, only up higher. Think kitchen counters. And bathroom surfaces. Amber is my first kitten, so I didn't realize how much trouble she could get into, or how many potential hazards we had in our home.

3. They don't allow you to go to the bathroom by yourself. Now that SB is in school, you'd think I'd be able to enjoy being able to pee alone at least occasionally. Nope. Amber forces her way into the bathroom. She likes to play with my clothes or sit on the top of the toilet tank and play with my hair.

4. You are constantly stepping on tiny toys. Kittens need to play. It's an important part of their development (just like babies). So you buy them a lot of toys. Which end up all over your floor, where you step on them in the middle of the night on your way to the bathroom. We have also been awakened at 3:30 in the morning by the cat playing with toys that make noise.

5. Poop. Lots of poop. And it is the most foul smell imaginable. Our old cat spoiled us by doing his business outside in the woods. Amber is an indoor kitty. She loves to watch us clean out her litter box and then use it. Or poop in the middle of the night.

6. Insane amounts of energy that have to be directed. When the kitten is awake, she is energetic and playful. If we don't give her the attention she desires, she becomes Crazy Cat. This usually happens after we have gotten SB to bed and are ready to unwind from our day.

7. They decide to be needy right as you sit down to eat. SB has been a pro at this from the moment she was born. Amber is following in her footsteps. And when I get up from my chair during a meal, which is often, I return to find her furry butt has taken my place.

8. They wake you up in the middle of the night. We learned to put the noisy toys away at night. And then would awaken to our fingers or toes being playfully bitten. Or to the pungent smell of cat poop. At 3:30 AM.

9. Coitus interruptus. Oh yeah, that has happened. I'll spare you the details, as much for myself as for you.

10. Their cuteness makes it all worth it. The other day, hubby said to me, "I think we are letting her develop some bad habits because she is so cute." And man, is she.

We are all crazy about Amber and happy she is part of our family. She is fun, entertaining and very loving.

Our former cat R.T. has not been forgotten, though. Just last night, SB asked to visit his grave so she could talk to him. He continues to hold a special place in all our hearts...

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