September 21, 2012

The kissing bandit

For a long time, we've called SB The Hug Monkey. The girl is full of affection and very outgoing. She loves to give hugs - to just about anyone. She hugs kids on the playground she's never seen before.

She used to give leg hugs to strange adults in public places. That made me uncomfortable, so we talked to her about it and the behavior stopped. But she continued to hug other kids.

Last year in preschool, it became a but of a problem. She would hug the other kids so hard and for so long, they would both end up falling down. And, some kids just don't like their personal space invaded. So a few of them were pushing her down before she could get to them.

The teachers taught the other kids to say, "No hugs" when and if they didn't want her to give one. And we taught her to be gentle and get permission first. The problem was solved.

This year, she has apparently upped the ante. Now my child is the Kissing Bandit. Last Friday when I picked her up from school, one of her teachers told me SB had been kissing everyone that day. All her classmates. Their parents. The teachers and staff.

We told her to save her kisses for family. And of course, that kissing is a way to spread germs. The latter part freaked her out. To the point I was afraid she wouldn't even give me a kiss.

I love that my child is outgoing and affectionate. Overall, I think that is a good thing. Within limits. SB is learning about those limits, but that is hard for a three year old.

The other day, I told her she could give me 10 kisses when I dropped her off at school, to get it out of her system. She replied, "Mommy, I have way more than 10 kisses inside of me."

And then I died from the cuteness.
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