September 3, 2012

Ross's Rad Reads Award: Mommy Mixology

I have been anticipating the release of Janet Frongillo's Mommy Mixology for many reasons. First, she is my writing sister. We have had each other's backs for some time now. And I'm so excited to see her writing dreams coming true.

Second, the woman is hilarious. Author of the blog Muffintop Mommy, Janet can bring the funny. I follow her blog on Facebook and look forward to my daily dose of laughter when her updates appear in my timeline.

Lastly, I enjoy a good drink from time to time. I like wine with a meal. Beer for watching sports. And rum for beach outings. And since I became a mom, I definitely need a cocktail at the end of those long days.

As the inside flap of her book states, "Getting through the motherhood years will take a good sense of humor and a few cocktails."

Motherhood is wonderful in many ways. But not every moment. Sometimes, it just plain stinks. We all have our days. Thankfully, there's a drink for every one of them in Janet's new book.

Frongillo has come up with a drink for just about every tough motherhood situation you can think of. Mixed in with her cocktail recipes are anecdotes from her own motherhood journey.

The cocktails are grouped by life stage, including non-alcoholic concoctions for when you are trying to conceive and are pregnant, and taking you though Kindergarten.

Here are just a few of the ones I could relate to:

  • When I blogged about the mishaps we experienced on a recent family trip, Janet messaged me on Twitter and said, "You needed a Long Drivin' Iced Tea!"
  • My child has been to the emergency room twice in her three years of life. Wish I'd had an Emergentini to get me through those visits.
  • For us, potty training was a long ordeal. I blogged about it here many times. Could have used a Shitzer Spritzer to help me get through that process.
  • This may be the year SB decides she likes Santa enough to sit on his lap for a photo without screaming. Or not. I'll be sure to have a Scary Santa made up just in case.
  • My favorite recipe by far is the Son of a Beach. Because this mama's got a potty mouth and I have had a hard time taming it.

And there were plenty more. Some of the recipes I am glad I have not needed (although they do sound delicious) include:

  • Spit 'Em Up Sour
  • Sleeptastic Sangria
  • Klepto Kaluha
  • Princey Plumber
  • Harvey Wallpainter

Wondering what those recipes are all about? You'll have to read the book to find out. And you can win a copy, just by leaving a comment on this post! Tell me what your drink of choice is and get an extra entry (it can be non-alcoholic). The deadline is September 12.

Good luck! And cheers!

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