September 26, 2012

Get up and dance

SB is in school three days a week. The other two days, she has speech therapy for 30 minutes, and the rest of our day is open. I have been feeling like she needed a little more structure and/or something to do during that time.

So I asked her if she would like me to look in to either a gymnastics or dance class. She began to hop up and down and enthusiastically shout, "Ballet, ballet, ballet!" OK, then!

I turned to Facebook and asked my local mom friends for a recommendation. Several sang the praises of a particular studio. I got in touch with them to figure out what they had available.

I was looking for a half hour ballet-only class. What they have is a one hour combination ballet/tap class. The time is perfect for us. And, having just seen the movie Happy Feet for the first time, SB was stoked about learning tap in addition to ballet.

We went by yesterday to observe the class she would be joining. She was sold. The smile on her face was huge, and even though she didn't have shoes, she joined in. Tomorrow we will shop for what she needs. Because this won't cut it...

I am a little concerned about her ability to keep up. Apraxia is a motor planning disorder. It mainly impacts her speech, but she is a bit behind her peer group in gross and fine motor skills.

On the one hand, dance could really help her develop some of the skills she is lacking. On the other, her shortcomings could make her stand out or become frustrated.

But as long as she has fun, that is all that matters.
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