August 27, 2012

The Summer Series Roundup

What a summer it is has been here on my blog! I am incredibly fortunate to know so many fantastic people. I hope you have loved The Summer Series as much as I have.

If you haven't had a chance to follow along, or missed some of the posts, check them out!

I did not have a theme in mind when I sent out invitations for this series. I asked some of my guests to write on specific topics, and left it open for others. But I was fascinated once it was all over to find there was a clear, overarching theme throughout the series.

My guests wrote about essentially the same thing - being yourself online. Some do that through photography, others through humor. Several talked about the importance of being authentic, others about allowing your blog to evolve as you do.

My participants in this series ROCKED. And I am so grateful to them for sharing themselves on my little corner of the internet. I loved each of their posts, and so did my readers.

THANK YOU, ladies!

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